Rugby Zone is an English YouTube channel created on the 16 April 2013. However, it wasn’t until November 3 2014 when the first video was uploaded onto the channel. Rugby Zone uploaded the video for ‘a bit of fun’. However, Rugby Zone never could’ve guessed where the channel sits today. The most viewed video has currently received 4.6 million views. The channel was founded by William Wand, a young student who shares a passion with the sport.

Rugby Zone says there is a lot of work that goes into the channel. Whether it’s designing a new logo, to finding the perfect audio to match the footage, it can be quite stressful. YouTube is all about building your own fanbase. Giving the fans what they want is something that’s most important in this industry, it’s the best way to maintain their loyalty. This can be done by: reading analytics or straight up asking what the fans want to name a few.

Rugby Zone started making videos on Vine which was an American short-form video hosting service where users shared six-second-long, looping video clips. It was founded in June 2012. Rugby Zone accumulated a small 1,000 followers which motivated them to start a YouTube channel.

They have worked with the Bolt+ Network during the time of the Rugby World Cup 2019. Bolt+ is an interactive media platform offering sports content as well as live TV and radio channels. Rugby Zone produced overviews of the games played during the RWC which can be found on the Bolt+ app available on Apple & Android.

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