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Canton, Georgia Apr 9, 2024 ( - ElectronIQ, a pioneering tech startup based in Holly Springs, GA, has launched its Indiegogo campaign for the ElectronIQ SmartCell, a rechargeable battery system capable of transforming conventional devices into smart, connected technology. With features like network-wide location tracking, integrated charging, wireless control, and an extended lifecycle, the ElectronIQ SmartCell presents an innovative leap forward for both individual consumers and the industrial market.

In a world where connectivity and sustainability are paramount, ElectronIQ's latest innovation emerges as a beacon of technological advancement. ElectronIQ, a forward-thinking startup, launched its Indiegogo campaign for the ElectronIQ SmartCell. This intelligent battery system is not only rechargeable but also integrates seamlessly with over one billion networked devices, providing unparalleled reliability and tracking capabilities.

Gregory Grandé, Co-Founder of ElectronIQ, states, "Our vision with the SmartCell is to give life to the inanimate, transforming every battery-operated device into a smart and trackable asset. This is more than just a step towards smart technology; it's a leap towards an interconnected, environmentally responsible future."

Available in three sizes: AA, AAA, and 9volt, the ElectronIQ SmartCells boast a rapid recharge time of under two hours and promise over 1000 charge cycles, significantly reducing electronic waste and offering an economical alternative to disposable batteries. When considering the cost-benefit ratio, a single SmartCell is equivalent to over $870 worth of alkaline batteries, emphasizing not only its economic value but also its environmental impact.

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Moreover, SmartCells enhances user convenience with a powerful 104dB built-in piezoelectric ringer, making the finding of devices as simple as a tap on the smartphone. The robustness of the product is further highlighted by its compatibility with both Apple Find My and Google Find My Device networks, leveraging a combined network that's exponentially larger than existing solutions.

ElectronIQ has not only developed this revolutionary product but has begun cultivating an ecosystem of development partners. A developer package is available for third-party integrators to get early access for integration into RTLS or inventory management systems.

"By backing us, our supporters are investing in the potential of technology to make life simpler and more efficient. It's a commitment to a future where the line between 'smart' and 'non-smart' devices blurs into obscurity," adds Grandé.

About ElectronIQ:
By infusing intelligence into the standard battery form factor, ElectronIQ's SmartCell technology is set to make every device smart. ElectronIQ is dedicated to creating a sustainable, connected future, with innovative solutions that bridge the gap between potential and reality.

For more information about the ElectronIQ SmartCell and to support their Indiegogo campaign, visit

ElectronIQ SmartCells are perfect for any lifestyleElectronIQ SmartCells are perfect for consumers and industryDesign render of the ElectronIQ AAA SmartCell

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