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Dubai, United Arab Emirates Apr 4, 2024 ( - Get ready to experience a wave of joy and positivity in the world of digital collecting! ArToys, the pioneers of happiness-infused digital experiences, join forces with Smiley, the global lifestyle brand that has been spreading joy for 50 years, and Space Runners, the cutting-edge fashion-tech platform, to launch an exclusive digital collection of toys on Optimism plus physical toys. Launch will take place on 04.04.2024 at 04:04 pm (GMT+4).

Picture this: Smiley, the worlds favorite icon of happiness, Space Runners, the cutting-edge tech platform, and ArToys, the ultimate destination for digital collectors who believe in spreading joy through every pixel. Together, they're crafting a one-of-a-kind collection of digital toys that will brighten up the Web3 landscape like never before.

The exclusive "Smiley World by Space Runners" by Artoys collection will feature a series of digital toys, each imbued with the signature blend of happiness and optimism synonymous with the Smiley brand. Additionally, the collaboration will introduce a physical toy in the theme of space, featuring designs that reflect the iconic Smiley astronaut's aesthetic, with rocket colors changed to white and yellow to match.

What makes this collaboration even more special? It's the fact that it's Smiley on Optimism, and ArToys bringing their signature blend of happiness and optimism to the forefront. As the collection unfolds on Optimism's platform, users can expect a journey filled with laughter, excitement, and a sense of wonder that only Smiley and ArToys can deliver.

"This collaboration represents a fusion of creativity and optimism, as we bring together the worlds of digital and physical collectibles to create something truly extraordinary," said Ilya, the founder of ArToys.

How to Get Your Hands on Smiley World by Space Runners powered by Artoys Collection:

To acquire a physical toy, you have to collect a unique set of digital toys by purchasing packs.

Two types of packs are available, each containing different quantities of random digital toys with varying rarity levels.

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Complete sets, including Common, Rare, and Super Rare, to unlock an Epic Physical Toy.

Aim higher by collecting Super Rare, Epic, and Legendary sets to receive a Legendary Physical Toy.

For the ultimate prize, gather Epic, Legendary, and Mythical sets to receive a Mythical Physical Toy. Happy collecting!

So, get ready to dive into a world where every pixel is infused with positivity, every click brings a smile to your face, and every digital toy is waiting to be cherished. With Smiley World by Space Runners x ArToys on Optimism, the future of digital collecting has never looked brighter! 

Happy collecting!

For more information and updates, visit ArToys, Smiley and Space Runners.

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