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Mooncool TK1 Review -Comfortable Folding Electric Adult Trike Ontario, California Nov 23, 2023 ( - Mooncool TK1 Review -Comfortable Folding E-Trike Having used the Mooncool TK1 Folding Electric Trike for a few weeks now, I'm ready to share my detailed experiences, focusing on the aspects that matter most to me as a senior: the folding mechanism, battery range, stability, safety, and comfort. Folding Mechanism - A Highlight The standout feature of the TK1 is undoubtedly its folding capability. The process is straightforward and gets easier with practice. Once folded, the trike is compact enough to fit into a car trunk or be stored in a small space - a significant advantage for seniors with limited storage options. Battery Range - Impressive and Reliable I've been pleasantly surprised by the battery life. The TK1 consistently delivers on its promised range of 30-45 miles. This range is perfect for my daily errands and occasional leisure rides, providing peace of mind that I won't run out of power unexpectedly. Stability and Safety - Well-Designed As a senior, stability and safety are paramount. The trike's three-wheel design offers excellent balance, reducing the risk of tipping over. The brakes are responsive, adding to a sense of security, especially in busier areas. However, care is needed on uneven terrains and sharp turns. Comfort - A Smooth Ride The comfort level of the TK1 is quite good. The seat is well-padded, and the suspension system does a fair job of absorbing bumps, making for a smoother ride on various surfaces. The handlebars are ergonomically positioned, though I would appreciate more adjustability for different heights and reaches. User-Friendly Design From the clear LCD screen to the intuitive automatic gear shifting, the trike is designed to be user-friendly. The controls are simple enough to master quickly, a crucial aspect for seniors not accustomed to complex gadgets. Motor Efficiency The motor's performance is noteworthy, providing sufficient power for most terrains. It's especially helpful on inclines, making pedaling much less strenuous and more enjoyable. Additional Features The rear basket, though on the smaller side, is handy for carrying groceries or personal items. The lights ensure visibility during evening rides, but a brighter option would be more reassuring. Riding Experience Overall, riding the TK1 is a pleasant experience. Maneuverability on city streets is good, and the electric assist is a welcome feature, especially on longer journeys or when tackling hills. Conclusion After thoroughly testing the Mooncool TK1 Folding Electric Trike, I find it to be a reliable, comfortable, and safe option for seniors. Its folding feature, impressive battery range, and stability make it an ideal choice for maintaining an active and independent lifestyle.Media ContactMooncool/[email protected]:// Source :MooncoolThis article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here. read more
Ayozat™ announces a new broadcast partnership with World Chase Tag® London, United Kingdom Oct 11, 2022 ( - WCT will start broadcasting in the UK on Ayozat TV (SKY channel 186) in September and will have a regular TX slot at 10 pm every Monday. Viewers who miss the broadcast will be able to catch up on all the action on As part of the deal WCT will launch a 24/7 online stream on which will be available globally." Ayozat is excited to have unique sports like World Chase Tag on our platforms and TV channel, we love audience lead products and sports" said Ayozat Chairman, Umesh Perera. "We are extremely thrilled to have World Chase Tag on Ayozat TV in the UK.  This relationship further expands our distribution and introduces our sport to more fans" said General Manager & Chief Content Officer Johnny McMahon. About Ayozat Ayozat is a global technology and media company that also broadcasts and distributes data, and live and pre-recorded media content through its deep network layer and protocols. The company owns copyright catalogues, advertising servers, and solutions, with a network that powers and distributes its and its clients' TV channels and OTT platforms. Ayozat TV is a popular British TV channel on the Sky network, which broadcasts on SKY channel 186. is an over-the-top (OTT) platform, with over 150 TV channels, that is available on Android, iOS, Google TV, and Amazon Fire. Ayozats TV channels alongside the OTT product complete Ayozat's full-stack media offering. ABOUT WORLD CHASE TAG® World Chase Tag® (WCT) combines the dynamic athleticism of Parkour with the age-old game of Tag. Invented by brothers Christian and Damien Devaux in the U.K., the competition began in 2016 and has quickly built a cult following around the world, securing millions of online views. World Chase Tag® is the ultimate test of 1-on-1 pursuit, fought out on an unforgiving arena of steel & wood, between athletes displaying extraordinary speed & agility as they juke, leap & lunge to make a point-saving tag. 20 teams from across the country (featuring world-class parkour athletes, Hollywood stuntmen, Ninja Warrior finalists, and an Olympic Track & Field silver medallist) compete across 5 rounds of knockout matches culminating in an extraordinary battle to take home the Second Annual World Chase Tag® USA Championship trophy.Media ContactKrystie [email protected] 3 Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick Park High Road, London Source :AyozatThis article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here. read more
Ebike Black Friday 2023 - Magicycle Fat Tire Electric Bikes for Adults Ontario, California Nov 1, 2023 ( - Hold on to your handlebars! Magicycle is rolling out a Black Friday extravaganza that's set to transform your ride. This Black Friday 2023, Magicycle is putting the spotlight on their Fat Tire Electric Bikes, specially crafted for ebike lovers who are looking for all-terrain ebike journeys. Get ready for a biking experience that combines both style and power. What's the Buzz? Magicycle, the pioneer in the field of electric bicycles, is gearing up for a Black Friday like never before, and the star of this show must be their Fat Tire Electric Bikes, designed to take adult riders on a journey of comfort, style, and off-road adventures. Why Magicycle's Fat Tire Electric Bikes? Top-Notch Features: These ebikes aren't just about looks. Magicycle has a variety of Fat Tire Electric Bikes that are loaded with powerful motors, sturdy frames, and cutting-edge large 52V ebike batteries. The Magicycle Cruiser Pro is a classic fat tire model with a 1000W peak power motor and a 52V ebike battery, ensuring stable and incredible performance. The Kenda 26 fat tires allow riders to conquer all kinds of trails and terrains. See more details and Magicycle fat tire electric bikes on the Magicycle Official Website. Black Friday is your chance to snag these high-performance ebikes without breaking the bank. Tech Marvels: From smart connectivity to advanced safety features, Magicycle is leading the charge in electric bike innovation. This Black Friday, step into the future of biking tech with Magicycle Fat Tire Electric Bikes. Own Factory: Magicycle has its factory, which means it has direct control over the entire manufacturing process of its fat tire electric bikes, from sourcing raw materials to assembling. Also, owning a factory allows Magicycle to quickly adapt to changes in technology, market trends, or regulations. They don't have to wait for external manufacturers to make adjustments. What They're Saying It is more than a black Friday electric bike sale; it's our way of inviting ebike riders into the Magicycle family and community. Our Fat Tire Electric Bikes are perfect choices for those who are seeking adventure without compromising on comfort. With the upcoming exclusive Black Friday deals, we're bringing that dream ride within everyone's reach, said Wade, the founder of Magicyle. About Magicycle Magicycle is an ebike brand that commits to delivering unparalleled electric biking experiences with high-performance fat tire ebikes. With a passion for innovation and a rider-first approach, Magicycle continues to shape the future of electric biking. Join the Magicycle community and redefine your lifestylewhere every journey is an adventure and every commute makes a positive impact.Media [email protected] Oleander Ave, Fontana CA Source :MagicycleThis article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here. read more
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